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Frame Fitness FRAME Connected At Home Fitness Reformer & App from $3,999.00
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Frame is a beautifully and meticulously designed digitally connected Pilates reformer and fitness device, a revolutionary at-home Pilates reformer machine with cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship. This Pilates reformer is the first of its kind: It gives you the experience of a studio reformer at home (without needing a Pilates-dedicated space). Unlike a bulky, classic reformer, this one is sleek, easy on the eyes, and portable—you can fold the screen down and wheel it wherever. It also has a built-in Bluetooth-enabled touchscreen monitor that can stream full Pilates classes and sync up to your workout playlist. Is has been named the "Best Pilates Reformer of 2022" by Women's Health Magazine and coined the "Peloton of Pilates Reformers" by the likes of Apartment Therapy among others. No matter your fitness level or body type, the Frame Reformer provides a personalized exercise experience like no other with advanced features to enhance your workout and transform your body.  Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos. REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN The future of Pilates and the Frame Fitness Pilates Reformer is synonymous and is a true testament to superior engineering and innovation. The patent-pending frame technology takes your workout to new heights, offering unparalleled functionality and versatility. The Frame Fitness Pilates Reformer effortlessly adapts to your needs, ensuring a fulfilling and rewarding fitness journey and doing it in style. Frame Fitness has created a perfect balance between challenge and support with the dual spring technology. The groundbreaking feature provides a single platform that can be adjusted to deliver varying levels of resistance, accommodating your strength and skill progression. With clean spring adjustment and color-coded spring weights, you can effortlessly customize the resistance with a literal push of a button, targeting specific muscle groups and maximizing your results. Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos. CONVENIENCE & CONNECTIVITY Your fitness routine with the Frame Fitness Pilates Reformer promises convenience thanks to its innovative features that provide practicality to enhance your overall experience. Stay connected, motivated, and entertained while enjoying a transformative full-body workout that invigorates both your body and mind. The interactive 24" touchscreen monitor with a180° swivel-display will keep you immersed during every session. This state-of-the-art monitor serves as your gateway to an immersive workout experience. Connect effortlessly to your favorite music via Bluetooth and stream your workout while staying in sync with the rhythm. The customizable display settings ensure optimal visibility and comfort, allowing you to focus on your exercise routine without distractions. Additionally, you will have the option to leave the screen up or fold it down for easy storage when not in use. Say goodbye to scattered workout routines and embrace the Frame Fitness Pilates Reformer as your all-in-one fitness hub. Access a wide array of live and on-demand classes, from Pilates to yoga, HIIT, and more. Frame's extensive library of workouts caters to all fitness levels and preferences, allowing you to explore various exercise styles and techniques. Receive personalized training recommendations and enjoy the convenience of a single login for everyone in your household. THE PERFECT FIT Enjoy the freedom to transform any space into your private Pilates studio with the Frame Fitness Pilates Reformer's portable and adaptable design. Its seamless integration into your home environment makes fitness accessible anytime, anywhere. Move the Frame Fitness Pilates Reformer effortlessly with discrete wheels and adjustable components, ensuring easy maneuverability. Switch up your workout environment whenever inspiration strikes, without the constraints of stationary equipment. Designed with your home in mind, the Frame Fitness Pilates Reformer offers a compact footprint that fits seamlessly into your living space. With its space-saving dimensions, it optimizes your available area without compromising functionality - did we mention that its beautiful?  Say "hello" to the future of Pilates and elevate your fitness experience with the Frame Fitness Pilates Reformer. It's time to unleash your potential, sculpt your body, and achieve remarkable results with this studio-quality equipment in the comfort of your own home. Get in-touch with you mind and body, reduce stress, and embark on a new and exciting holistic approach to fitness. Choose the Frame Fitness Pilates Reformer today and pave the way to your future.  Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos. APP CONNECTIVITY DETAILS In order to access Frame’s exclusive workout content, you will need to activate a monthly subscription during setup. You can pause at anytime. Charges of $39.99/mo required upon product activation Personalized training recommendations One login for everyone in your home   SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions w/ Screen Displayed: 94" L x 25.5" W x 36" H Dimensions w/ Screen Stored: 94" L x 25.5" W x 13" H Note:We recommend to leave a minimum of two feet of space around all sides of the Reformer to accommodate all workout movements. SHIPPING & DELIVERY Most orders currently schedule for shipping within 4-6 weeks. Delivery can take up to 8 weeks after scheduling for certain locations. White Glove Delivery Options are available at checkout. WARRANTY The Frame Fitness Pilates Reformer comes with a 12-Month Limited Manufacturer Warranty on the screen and a 3-Year Hardware Warranty for the Reformer. LUXUSFIT CUSTOMER CARE GUARANTEE We are here for you! Reach out to our helpful and enthusiastic product expert team with questions or for assistance with placing your order.

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