1001 REMEDIES Natural Gym & Locker Spray Scent | Organic & Vegan

$40.00 USD

1001 REMEDIES Natural Gym & Locker Spray Scent | Organic & Vegan

$40.00 USD

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Despite spending all our time breathing, how we breathe and how to clean the air in our enclosed spaces doesn't get discussed enough. Are you aware of the impact pollution has in your home? Are you sick of artificial room sprays? Try this magnificent natural essential oils room spray PurAir™ from 1001 Remedies, by far one of our best sellers.

NATURAL HEALTH AWARD WINNER: all natural air freshener has won multiple awards incl. the UK Natural Health award. The air spray has been featured in Vogue, Grazia and voted "best spa at home product" by Prima magazine.

100% NATURAL, FRESH, & LONG-LASTING: an uplifting, spa-like aromatherapy scent that makes any room an invigorating place to be.  Where chemical air fresheners aren’t great for your wellbeing, PurAir™ room spray is organic and 100% from natural origin, vegan and cruelty-free.

BREATHE A CLEAN AIR: the eucalyptus spray clears the airways making breathing easier. PurAir™ essential oil spray can be used effectively as a lavender pillow spray, on carpets for dust mite allergies, as a bathroom spray, antibacterial spray, linen spray, as an odor eliminator or for travel.

RICH IN AIR-PURIFYING ESSENTIAL OILS: The room fragrance is a uniquely crafted blend of 19 essential oils with air purifying properties backed by science; Lavender oil is known for its deeply cleansing properties, cinnamon is used in medical research for its antiseptic properties and Ravintsara is renown in literature for its antiviral and immunity boosting properties.

A SUSTAINABLE MULTIPURPOSE ROOM SPRAY: PurAir™ air spray can be also used effectively on surfaces typically on phones. All essential oils in the formula are sourced ethically from all over the world and packaged in a sustainable glass bottle.


PurAir's special formula is composed of 19 essential oils with antiviral and immunity-boosting properties, including lavender, cinnamon, eucalyptus, ravintsara and other natural herbs. 

How to use

A perfect morning begins with the vaporization of your room with a few doses of this divine lavender aroma in the air and on the sheets for a boost of energy for the rest of the day. You can also use it as an efficient, non toxic odour eliminator. 

Smell & Feel

Have you ever wanted your house to have that "spa" smell? This is exactly the refreshing and uplifting natural aroma that PurAir™ will provide with a long lasting effect. 


“Aromatherapy fragrance, best experience”

“This spray is incredibly effective. It really cleans the intended space and the aroma is very therapeutic. I use it at home and every time people come over, they compliment it and ask where I got it. I've never experienced a cleanser with aromatherapy in one bottle like this”.


"I like this product a lot!"

“The smell is just right, not overpowering. I use it everywhere even inside my car and the smell stays. I love that when I spray it, I am able to taste the peppermint. When I have a cold, I like to spray it around me and it helps me decongest”.


"This is brilliant!"

“I love this spray, it makes the home smell wonderful! I also take it to work to purify the air. If a colleague has a cough or cold, I get it out and make the environment feel fresh and healthy.”


"Makes you feel so calm and relaxed"

In this video, @amelialiana, an international beauty influencer and contributing editor for Tatler Magazine, shares her thoughts on Purair.


Customer Reviews

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Dinah Z. (Homestead, US)
Happy repeat customer!

Heavenly scent and actually works to refresh the air quality in our home gym!


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