ALIGN-PILATES® A8-Pro RC Pilates Reformer with Tower Bundle

$5,990.00 USD

ALIGN-PILATES® A8-Pro RC Pilates Reformer with Tower Bundle

$5,990.00 USD

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The Align-Pilates® A8-Pro Pilates Reformer is the bestselling apparatus of the UK brand. Only this LUXUSFIT custom bundle includes all accessories needed for your  complete Pilates practice!

This updated version of the flagship commercial Pilates reformer offers a  new carriage with a quieter ride, improved handling of cross loading forces, and reduced maintenance. The A8-Pro also features the new patent pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar for the fastest adjustments on the market.

Included Accessories - Exclusively at Luxusfit!

  • Tower with all springs and push-through bar
  • Studio-height Legs
  • Mat converter
  • Padded platform extender
  • Sitting box
  • Jump board
  • Padded foot strap
  • Gondola pole

Product Details

  • Brand: Align-Pilates
  • Weight: 220lbs (100kg)
  • Dimensions: 
    • Length - 101" (257cm)
    • Width - 29.5" (75cm)
    • Carriage Height: 16.5" (42cm)
    • Half-Cadillac Tower Height: 84" (213cm)


The Align-Pilates A8-Pro Pilates Reformer is the updated version of the previous flagship commercial Pilates reformer, the A2. The A8-Pro has a completely new runner profile and runs on 8 PU wheels. This new platform offers a quieter ride, improved handling of cross loading forces, and reduced maintenance.

The A8-Pro features the patent pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar, together with a host of other subtle improvements that make the A8-Pro the new star in the Align-Pilates line-up. The Rapid Change (RC) spring bar radically alters the ease and speed of adjusting your reformer, which is particularly beneficial in the group class environment where the A8-Pro excels. The spring bar can be adjusted with springs attached, with one hand in a single action saving up to 12 additional actions compared with most standard reformers.

The A8-Pro offers refined performance, extensive adjustability, a luxurious oversize carriage, and the longest travel of any standard Pilates reformer on the market. Now in its fourth generation, the A8-Pro is the result of over eight years of development. The A8-Pro can be built with a choice of 3 interchangeable leg heights, 11" low legs (28cm), 16.5" standard legs (42cm), or 25" rehab legs (64cm) - making the A8-Pro a truly future proof and versatile investment. It has been designed for both studio, rehab, and private use with the innovative design offering a host of easy adjustments to provide complete flexibility in use.

The A8-Pro has wheels for easier movement. All Align-Pilates commercial reformers are light commercial warrantied at 27.5 hours per week. Max. user weight is 330lbs (150kg).


    • Patent pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar for the fastest spring bar changes available, using a one-hand single-action.
    • Longest travel of any standard reformer: 44.5" (113cm). Long travel means less adjustment and easier transition between exercises.
    • Widest carriage on the market at 25" (67cm) and longer carriage at 35" (90cm) for greater comfort and to suit more body types than other reformers.
    • Space-saving as it can be stacked and wheeled for ease of movement and storage (though weight is a consideration).
    • 6 foot bar positions including flat. Oversize lockable foot bar with improved pivot point for comfort & stability.
    • Adjustable headrest: 3 improved position headrest.
    • Adjustable shoulder blocks: removable & lockable shoulder rest with new off centered shoulder pads to give a choice of two widths.
    • New & improved rope adjustment system ensures both ropes stay the same length & adjust simultaneously. Improved rope adjustment system with easy accessibility by the headrest. Pro Adjusters can be used for precise adjustments and replace the old T-Bar system.
    • Stainless rope risers for rapid adjustment of rope heights. Risers fold down for use with half cadillac. Risers feature an eyelet so springs can be attached or additional exercise possibilities.
    • 5 nickel plated quality music wire springs in 3 different strengths (2x Light, 2x Medium & 1x Strong).
    • Adjustable feet to ensure your reformer sits flat, even on uneven ground and runs smoothly.
    • Future proof, with choice of 3 interchangeable leg heights: 11" (28cm), 16.5" (42cm), or 25" (64cm).
    • Align-Pilates ‘Silent’ system with metal-free double loop handles, ropes & adjustable silent foot straps with fluffy cover, plus patented silent pulleys for a super quiet user experience.
    • 8-wheel system for improved performance & reduced maintenance.
    • New Gondola Pole storage hooks underneath the runner for convenient access and a tidier studio. Note: Maple Gondola Pole is sold separately.
    • Independently tested to EN ISO 20957-1:2013.



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