1001 REMEDIES Sleep Aid Balm | All Natural & Vegan

$40.00 USD

1001 REMEDIES Sleep Aid Balm | All Natural & Vegan

$40.00 USD

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Does stress impact your sleep? Want a good night's sleep but don't want to take sleeping tablets and other chemical alternatives with side effects? After your evening workout, try our 100% natural and organic sleeping balm Good Night. Featured in the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and House & Garden magazine.

ALL NATURAL SLEEP AID: for kids above 3y old and adults. The organic aromatherapy formula is Made in France with 11 pure essential oils. Good night sleeping aid is not tested on animals,  chemical free with absolutely zero parabens and phthalates. No synthetic fragrance, perfume

BETTER SLEEP & BRIGHTER MORNINGS: Whether after a stressful day at work, between exams or if your kid doesn’t switch off before bed; the divine smell and soothing essential oils help you relax to fall asleep quicker and have a deep sleep. Result: you feel refreshed in the morning with a lifted mood.

PROMOTES GOOD SLEEP PATTERNS: chamomile oil and lavender oil have a calming effect on the mind helping to de stress; St Johns Wort helps with anxiety relief; sweet marjoram switches the nervous system from active to passive to help sleep quickly. Unlike with sleep tablets, there is no drowsiness or addiction risk with Good night sleepy lotion.

YOUR BEDTIME RITUAL: before bedtime, massage the sleep aids for adults and kids inside the wrists, on the chest, on the plant of the feet, on the temples and along the spine to unwind. Combined with mindfulness techniques and exercise, it is a highly effective stress relief cream.

SHARE WITH LOVED ONES: Good night stress and anxiety relief body cream can be used for jet lag during travel, to soothe your kids anxiety at night. The sleep balm is also the perfect relaxation gifts for women and men and a unique mum to be gifts to relax. 


The natural sleep balm is made with 10 relaxing essential oils, such as lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile and melissa, which have powerful calming properties and help switch the nervous system from active to passive so you can fall asleep quicker. The balm’s base is also made from St John’s Wort oil known for its antidepressant properties.

How to use

Step 1: Every night before going to bed massaging the balm inside the wrists and on the temples or chest  30 minutes before bed. Let the aroma permeate through, allow it to diffuse your stress and anxiety as you inhale the sweet aroma of nature.  

Step 2: Try putting on calming music and close your eyes. Let the aroma permeate through the surrounding. Allow the refreshing touches of Melissa and the sweet notes of Neroli and floral smell of lavender to relax you and diffuse your stress and anxiety as you inhale the sweet aroma of nature.

Good Night balm can also be used for kids to relieve anxiety, headaches for adults. The calm balm is the perfect relaxation gift for women and men and can be used everywhere.


"It helps"

"As someone who has trouble falling asleep, I am always on the lookout for natural products that help me fall asleep safely. I’ve finally found what I'm looking for in this lotion! It has a creamy texture and the fragrance is relaxing, helps me drift off to sleep!”.


"Work wonders !"

“This cream smells dreamy and relaxing. I've dealt with insomnia for so many years. I've taken several different medications , and many had little to no resolution to the problem. After my friend recommended it to me, I decided to give it a try and I'm very glad I did!"


"Restful sleep"

“The best natural product to endure a restful sleep I’ve ever tried. The lotion is silky and absorbs quickly. The lavender scent is calming and within 20 minutes of rubbing it on my chest and wrists I’m drifting off to a deep and restful sleep. I highly recommend it to anyone with sleep problems.”



The wellness blogger Tessa Kelly (London Paleo Girl) shares how much she likes the sleep balm.

Smell & Feel

Good Night has a long lasting, subtle lavender and floral scent that allows you to unwind after a stressful day. It will feel like you are falling asleep in a lavender field, luckily minus all the bees!

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