Erstaunlicher Service und Produkte

Luxusfit setzt mit seiner Pent-Linie luxuriöser Fitnessgeräte den Goldstandard für Heimfitness und übertrifft mit seinem Liefer- und Installationsservice für weiße Handschuhe alle Erwartungen. Das Auspacken liegt vollständig in ihren Händen, da ihre professionellen Installateure jedes Teil mit größter Sorgfalt und Präzision sorgfältig aufbauen und sicherstellen, dass alles in einwandfreiem Zustand ist, bevor sie ihre Arbeit als erledigt betrachten.

Das Gerät selbst ist ein Inbegriff von Luxus und Effizienz, fügt sich nahtlos in die anspruchsvollste Inneneinrichtung ein und bietet gleichzeitig modernste Trainingstechnologie. Die ergonomischen Designs sind nicht nur optisch beeindruckend, sondern sorgen auch für eine optimale Trainingsleistung und unterstützen sowohl Anfänger als auch Fitnessbegeisterte.

Jede Interaktion mit den Berührungspunkten ihrer Geräte fühlt sich intuitiv und maßgeschneidert an, mit intelligenten Funktionen, die sich mühelos in führende Fitness-Apps integrieren lassen und so ein personalisiertes und umfassendes Trainingserlebnis schaffen. Das Engagement, das LuxusFit in seiner Customer Journey zeigt, vom Kauf bis zur Installation und darüber hinaus, spricht Bände über sein Engagement für Qualität und vorbildlichen Service. Dies ist nicht nur ein Kauf; Es ist eine Weiterentwicklung des eigenen Lebensstils und eine Zukunft, in der Gesundheit und Eleganz wunderbar nebeneinander existieren.

Verifizierter Käufer. Diese Bewertung entstand direkt aus unserer Bewertungsanfrage.

Carl Briganti hat diese 5-Sterne-Bewertung für PENT hinterlassen. Luxus-Fitnessgeräte .

Based on 63 reviews
Happy repeat customer!

Heavenly scent and actually works to refresh the air quality in our home gym!

PENT. LOVA Kettlebell Set - Power (4 Heavy Weights)
Carl B. (Woodland Hills, US)
Amazing service and product

LuxusFit sets the gold standard for home fitness with their Pent line of luxury gym equipment, transcending expectations with their white glove delivery and installation service. The unboxing experience is entirely in their hands, as their professional installers meticulously set up each piece with the utmost care and precision, ensuring everything is in perfect working order before they consider their job done.

The equipment itself is a paragon of luxury and efficiency, seamlessly blending into the most sophisticated of home decors while offering state-of-the-art exercise technology. The ergonomic designs are not only visually stunning but also cater to optimal workout performance, supporting both the novice and the fitness enthusiast alike.

Every interaction with the touchpoints of their equipment feels intuitive and bespoke, with smart features that integrate effortlessly with leading fitness apps, creating a personalized and immersive workout experience. The dedication LuxusFit shows in their customer journey, from purchase to installation, and beyond, speaks volumes of their commitment to quality and exemplary service. This is not merely a purchase; it's an elevation of one's lifestyle, embracing a future where health and elegance coexist beautifully.

Outstanding service and product from Luxusfit

Amazing product! I was impressed by the product knowledge and response speed of the Luxusfit customer service. Needless to say, my order arrived quickly and I am already looking to order other products.

Cadillac Reformer

Wow! What a gorgeous piece of equipment- excellent 2 in 1! I received excellent customer service when there was a hiccup with delivery. I would definitely purchase more equipment from Luxusfit.

Excellent product, worth the money

I have had the Pilates Reformer with Tower for about a month now and I love it! It is worth the cost as most private reformer classes are at least $100-$150 an hour so I am over half paid off already as I have done about 30 sessions on the reformer/tower. The machine itself is beautiful, excellent construction, comfortable and, of course, effective. Luxusfit provided excellent customer service and communicated with me regularly regarding shipment/white glove service timing, etc. I subscribe to John Garey (he has an app so you can watch on your phone while you do your workout) and I also use the Pilates Anytime app/subscription. It does take up a lot of room so you need a large room to place it in (you need at least two feett, but preferably more, around all sides of the machine to comfortably perform the workouts). Another reviewer mentioned the reformer is a work of art, and it really is...I love it and highly recommend purchasing this reformer/tower through Luxusfit.

Merrithew™ V2 Max Reformer
Andrew T. (Bellevue, US)
Everything there!

We just received our reformer yesterday - I was kept informed of shipping (including delays). There was an initial mixup with me not getting emails, but once that was straightened out, everything was fine.

Merrithew™ V2 Max Reformer
Vern B. (Danville, US)
Unlimited joy of movement

I have been enjoying my Reformer since I received it last week. I love that I can do my pilates anytime I want.
Furthermore, I am learning and experimenting lot of different routines. It'sa wonderful addition for my exercise regimen.
Thank you to Brad at customer service for being attentive and reliable.

Elina Pilates Reformer

I absolutely love my reformer. What a great investment! Allows me to workout out with my trainer remotely, and I find myself using it on my own for more frequent workouts and stretching. If you have the room, I highly recommend getting it. Very well constructed and a work of art, in terms of design!

Awesome product

It has been such an amazing addition to our home gym. Only downsize is you have to watch the instructions on YouTube. It does not come with instructions.

MERRITHEW™ Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder
Vanessa A. (Laredo, US)
No reformer should be without a Cardio Tramp!

Great for adding cardio to your reformer workout!

Absolutely Beautiful

I typically do not write reviews, however, after receiving the Elena reformer I was blown away. The construction of this machine is built So beautifully. It's definitely built to last. The craftsmanship completely blew me away! Very very pleased!

Elina Reformer

Looks like a great machine. However, should have better instructions to assemble

Peak Pilates Long/Short Box
Dean M. (Jacksonville, US)

If you are going to buy any kind of Pilates equipment I highly recommend Luxusfit. They are awesome! Honest, knowledgeable and always there to answer questions!

MERRITHEW™ Fitness Circle®
Tammy B. (Newhall, US)
Great equipment

Arrived a bit slow but works just as described.

Perfect condition

Reformer arrived in perfect condition! Haven't used it as yet, but certain it will be a strong and stable piece of equipment in my home gym!

ELINA PILATES® Elite™ Wood Reformer Bundle
Bridget L. (Half Moon Bay, US)
Buy this one

My reformer has arrived, Due to restocking, my shipping extend it out to 8 1/2 weeks. But now that my Elina reformer is here I'm happy to say it was worth waiting for. The craftsmanship is quality and I am very pleased. Eventually I will have a Physio/Pilates instructor to help me pinpoint exactly how to get the most out of my workouts, and I'm sure to see the true benefits of owning my own. If you are thinking about purchasing your own reformer I would highly recommend this one.

Custom upholstered Merrithew V2 Max Plus Reformer

I ordered the bundle with the Tall Box to get some additional height of the floor. The bronze upholstery turned out beautifully and at no extra cost!

Very happy with my purchase

I have always used Peak reformers until I purchased the Merrithew Enhanced One-On-One Pilates Studio Package from I am still figuring out some of the differences but thus far this equipment seems to be far superior. Great for private lessons with my instructor from home. Customer service was excellent with Luxusfit as they checked in with me regarding ship times and equipment compatibility before shipping.

Love it!

Timing in getting it was appropriate. Packaging was superb. Delivery was excellent. I've been using the reformer every day. The only thing I wish it had was the poles behind the shoulder rests to hold the hand straps. Otherwise I'm very happy. As for the warranty, am I already signed up? It told me that I was when I went to register.

Jumping for joy !

The jumpboard and the crossbow combo is a great help for me to feel stable on some of my standing leg routines. I sometimes use it as a substitute for the foot bar when I feel that foot bar is quite low for me to reach.


Love the chair

ELINA PILATES® 3-in-1 Spine Corrector
Jennifer S. (Wichita, US)
Love it!

Love it!

Merrithew™ Reformer Double Loop Straps
Rick B. (Danville, US)
Everyone must have it

Great quality and most useful.

ELINA PILATES® At-Home Convertible Cadillac-Reformer Bundle
Mary M. (Poulsbo, US)
A+++ Elina Pilates Convertible Cadillac-Reformer

My experience with purchasing the Cadillac Reformer was par excellence.

My sales representative, was available from pre-purchase questions to finalization of purchase and shipping, by phone or email at all times to make this a flawless transaction.

The Elina shipping process was customer-oriented and professional. It was the most well packed product I have ever received, although it makes sense when you see the Elina Cadillac Reformer. The quality of the equipment is exceptional. I was so elated when we started to assemble it, knowing the hours of Pilates I will have access to in my own home, as compared to driving to a studio class. It really will pay for itself.

I have already enjoyed use of the Cadillac after having it less than a week, and look forward to a stronger, healthier life.

I highly recommend purchasing from Luxusfit. I only wish i had done this years ago!

Thank you Luxusfit!


ELINA PILATES® At-Home Convertible Cadillac-Reformer Bundle
Marie R. (Santa Cruz, US)
cadillac reformer

Excellent piece of machinery; looks and works great; every part of this product is top-notch; my faith in craftsmanship in this world as well as customer service in business are renewed due to this product and the way my contact at handled my purchasing of it.


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